Tag: Email Marketing

  • Email List-Building: Write Articles & Submit to Article Directories

    If you are already publishing your newsletter or ezine, you have articles. You can write them yourself, or have them written by a freelance copywriter (see elance.com and similar sites). Distribute your articles to article directories. These are mostly free web sites that accept articles on many different topics. Here’s a short list of highly-ranked […]

  • Email List-Building: Use Your Business Cards to Generate Traffic

    OK, when’s the last time you updated your business card? Take a look at it now, and see if there’s room for improvement. Here are some tips: use both sides of the card to deliver your message; have a clear, benefit-driven statement that addresses your prospects needs/wants; include a call to action, such as “Visit […]

  • Email List-Building: Custom Postcards and Greeting Cards

    Email is fine, easy and (almost) free, but nothing beats the deliverability of the good old post office! Send out custom postcards to stand out from the crowd. Again, use tracking to determine how your postcard campaigns are converting by setting up a special URL, e.g. www.yoursite.com/postcard. This way you can split test different card […]

  • Email List-Building: Create an Affiliate Program

    Simply put, an affiliate program allows you to grow your list and make more sales at the same time. When other people join your affiliate program, they agree to promote you, your products or services on their own time and using their own resources. In exchange, you offer them a commission on any sales that […]

  • Email List-Building: Ezine Advertising Strategies

    Find ezines whose target market matches yours, but whose publishers are not direct competitors. Try to find ezines that are complimentary to yours, e.g. a winemaker might want to place an ad with an event organizer, or a chef. Contact them to see if they accept classified ads, or ad swaps, where they would place […]