How to Receive Linkedin Recommendations on Your Company Page

Since September of 2010 I’ve hosted 20+ sessions of my Linkedin to the Max! workshop, and one of the questions I hear every time is “how do I get a recommendation on Linkedin?”

Before answering that question here, I just want you to understand that there are two kinds of recommendations (or endorsements, as Linkedin sometimes calls them) that you can receive:

  • recommendations to you personally: these appear under your personal Linkedin profile, and
  • recommendations for your company’s products/services: these appear under your Linkedin company page services tab.

In my previous blog post I said it’s easier to receive an endorsement of your service or product then a recommendation on your personal profile, simply because of the mechanism Linkedin uses. Basically all it takes for someone to recommend your product is two clicks of a mouse.

Here’s an example of Linkedin recommendation I received recently for one of my services:

I found Boris’ seminar very informative and used some of his tips for how to optimize the usage of LinkedIn right away. I recommend Boris’ seminar highly to any Business owner who uses LinkedIn.

If you’re as fortunate as I am, you will notice that most people will actually take the time to write a few lines. If they don’t, Linkedin will simply list their name and insert “I recommend this product,” which is just fine, too. See this product page.

Three easy steps to get a Linkedin recommendation for your service or product:

  1. Create a service/product page using Linkedin tools at your disposal.
  2. While you’re looking at your product page, click the blue “Request recommendations” button. A message window will pop up. Select one of your contacts and send a request to that single contact only, so you can personalize the request — never send a mass message to multiple recipients.
  3. Here’s a template I use, feel free to modify it to your liking:
    Hi (first name), (make it personal)Thank you once again for attending my workshop. I hope it provided you with tips and tricks you can use to make Linkedin work for you as a lead generation tool. (be specific)TIP: (be helpful)
    I’d recommend that you expand the summary
    on your profile to 2-3 paragraphs. Remember,
    always be mindful of those keywords you want
    to be found for, so include them in your summary.May I ask you a QUICK favour? Can you recommend my workshop? (now ask)

    This will take you 1 minute or less, just a few clicks: (explain the process)

    1. Click the “View this product” button at the bottom of this message
    You will be taken to my product page in LinkedIn
    2. Click on the “Recommend” button

    That’s it.

    If you like you can add a comment as well, but that’s optional.

    Here’s what you said earlier:
    (copy and paste a few lines this contact may have sent you via email, or some other way)

    Thanks in advance!



And finally, one more tip on how to make even better use of any recommendation you may receive on Linkedin: use the same recommendations and post them to your web site, just like I’m doing here on my testimonials page. For example, if you have a blog, you can create a quick blog post and publish it in the “Testimonials” category.

If you’d like to learn more on how to use Linkedin for business, subscribe to my blog, or if you live and work in the Greater Toronto Area consider driving to Burlington for the next session of my Linkedin to the Max! workshop







7 responses to “How to Receive Linkedin Recommendations on Your Company Page”

  1. Cheryl Scoffield Avatar

    I’ve attended Linkedin To The Max several times and I always learn something new. I send all my clients to Boris’ Linkedin workshop and I always hear fabulous feedback. Looking forward to more great insights.

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  3. Ahmed Avatar

    Hello Boris,

    Great post!

    I have had a good experience with LinkedIn Product Recommendations and they help close more sales.

    One thing i want to know, i could not find any plugin to embed those recommendations on a web page so i found your own web page with the recommendations you received.

    Is this just a web design and dev work ?

    Also, do you ask you client if they will be ok with posting this on a website?


  4. Boris Mahovac Avatar
    Boris Mahovac

    Thanks for commenting, Abdallah. It’s not a plugin, it’s JavaScript code available from Linkedin here.

  5. Boris Mahovac Avatar
    Boris Mahovac

    I don’t specifically ask for permission from clients to post their recommendations and testimonials on my web site, simply because they are already publicly visible on Linkedin. Only those testimonials I would receive by direct email or verbally, I would ask permission.

  6. Romina Avatar

    Hi, the template is REALLY useful, but i can find the blue “Request recommendations” button… The worst is that I don’t see any info in Linkedin/help..

  7. Boris Mahovac Avatar
    Boris Mahovac

    Unfortunately, Linkedin has “retired” lots of features, this one being one of them :-(