Gmail Problem: Some Links Not Working in Text-only Emails

I wrote a short “how-to” article over on my Email Marketing Blog about why some URL links may render as non-clickable in Gmail. It’s not clear at this time if this is a bug in the Gmail web client, or it’s an intentional feature, but one thing is clear: Google is once again unnecessarily making our lives harder.

If you’re using email to promote your business, to stay in touch with your membership, it’s very likely that you have a substantial number of contacts who are using Gmail as their primary email. Make sure you read this article on how to fix the URL problem in text-only Gmail.






6 responses to “Gmail Problem: Some Links Not Working in Text-only Emails”

  1. jp2code Avatar

    Lately, I have been having this exact issue – but only with one email address.

    Unfortunately, that email address happens to be owned by a forum I spend a lot of time on. When the forum sends me a notification about a thread update with the link, the link appears as plain text only and I have to copy-n-paste the link in a new window.


  2. DWM Avatar

    Wow… at least I am not crazy. Exact same issue and level of frustration as jp2code describes… exactly.

    Quite a nuisance.

  3. jatco Avatar

    ..Same issue here. Searched High and Low,.. cleared cookies, cache etc etal as suggested by other sites/posts..but still, to no avail…! Becoming a nusance..!!

  4. John Avatar

    I am an Outlook user and all Outlook are forwarded to G-mail for use on an android phone. Has worked for years. I purchased a replacement phone – Samsung Galaxy S5, and it worked for about 2 months. Then, any click on a G-mail hyperlink sent me to the Roboform index page, not to the linked site. Two days later I purchased a Samsung Tab 4 . G-Mail installed and worked fine. Th main PC still works fine.
    How can the same account work on two devices and not on one? I realize it is probably a setting on the phone, but since Google is Lord and Master of the e-mail software and operating Software, on two of the devices. How can it not work?

  5. Boris Mahovac Avatar
    Boris Mahovac

    Sorry, John, but I don’t use Android devices and can’t offer any insight here.

  6. Phil Avatar

    I have discovered that the Gmail Spelling Checker messes up the url links an makes them useless. My get around is to leave pasting the url links till last.

    Hope this helps.