Category: Off-line Marketing Ideas

  • Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: Using Custom Licence Plates + Internet Marketing

    This is a low-cost, low-key but high-impact vehicle advertising option, even for people who are averse to having marketing messages splashed all over their vehicles. Total cost is about $300 ($251.65 for Ontario plates + about $10 for internet domain name + about $50 for custom vinyl lettering). The best part is, this mini ad […]

  • Are You “Going Postal” This Holiday Season?

    I knew that title will intrigue you, please feel free to comment. These days we rarely receive anything other than bills and junk mail in our mail boxes, so if you take the time to send a real greeting card to your clients, business partners and suppliers, you will stand out from the crowd. Actually, […]

  • Using Custom Postcards and Greeting Cards to Promote an Online Business

    If you just built a new web site, or if you follow my advice — a business blog — you should announce it to everyone you know to attract them to visit. Although you can and should use opt-in email marketing systems to send an announcement to your contacts, I’d like to propose an “off-line” […]

  • Do You Use Postcards to Generate Leads and Repeat Business?

    Although email marketing is still the most effective way to promote your business, there are other ways of generating leads or getting more business from existing clients. I’ve been using custom postcards for over 10 years with great results! What if you could combine the strengths of an online, automated system, which works very much […]