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  • Repurpose and Reuse Your Blog Posts, Even Stale Ones!

    I constantly find that I’m not dedicating enough time to my content marketing – promoting my blog posts across my social media channels. Too often I just forget entirely! As someone who blogs regularly, I’ve been looking for a tool that could help me with that. Recently I’ve discovered a very elegant content marketing tool. […]

  • [audio+text] The Problem with Social Media: Linkedin to the Rescue

    I think you pretty much know what social media is: we’re talking about sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the more recent addition — Pinterest. The problem with Social Media is: there’s so much choice available to us, and if we don’t get the right recommendation and guidance on where to focus and concentrate our activity, […]

  • (infographic) Linkedin for Business: Are You Making Money Using Linkedin?

    Are you using Linkedin for business? Are you a small business owner, or self-employed professional trying to generate sales using this business networking site to generate leads, and drive traffic to your web site or brick-and-mortar store? According to this poll I conducted on Linkedin, 51% of respondents said they made no money using Linkedin. […]

  • Do You Want to Be Top 1% on LinkedIn? I Can Help You Get There!

    Linkedin, the social networking site for business owners and job seekers, recently celebrated a milestone: 200 million users world-wide. Today I received this email from Linkedin announcing that my profile is in the top 1% most viewed in 2012. I have been using Linkedin for business for several years, and have found a simple-to-follow formula […]

  • How to Receive Linkedin Recommendations on Your Company Page

    Since September of 2010 I’ve hosted 20+ sessions of my Linkedin to the Max! workshop, and one of the questions I hear every time is “how do I get a recommendation on Linkedin?” Before answering that question here, I just want you to understand that there are two kinds of recommendations (or endorsements, as Linkedin […]