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How to Add Automatic Social Links to Your Emails in MadMimi

One of two Email Service Providers that I use and recommend is MadMimi. Their deceptively simple email editor is the easiest-to-use I’ve found after testing a dozen or so email service providers over the years.

Recently, MadMimi added a cool feature that all of you social media fans will simply love: the ability to add a set of icons that link to your favourite social networking sites, such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Just pick the sites you use regularly and Mimi will place specially designed icons to the bottom of your emails automatically.

These are the sites currently supported:add social links in MadMimi

MadMimi is still free to use for as long as your list is under 100 subscribers! Try MadMimi today!

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Email List-Building: Write Articles & Submit to Article Directories

If you are already publishing your newsletter or ezine, you have articles. You can write them yourself, or have them written by a freelance copywriter (see and similar sites). Distribute your articles to article directories. These are mostly free web sites that accept articles on many different topics.

Here’s a short list of highly-ranked article directories. My in-depth article on article writing is still on my web site.


How does article writing benefit you? In your article you are allowed to place links to your web site. All article directories allow so-called resource boxes, but some also allow links within the body of the article. A resource box is usually placed at the end of your article, and you can include your name, business name and any offer to entice readers to sign up to your list.

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Email List-Building: Use Your Business Cards to Generate Traffic

OK, when’s the last time you updated your business card? Take a look at it now, and see if there’s room for improvement. Here are some tips:

  • use both sides of the card to deliver your message;
  • have a clear, benefit-driven statement that addresses your prospects needs/wants;
  • include a call to action, such as “Visit our web site to sign up for my e-newsletter and receive a free special report/white paper“;
  • in the call to action, see if it’s possible to use a custom URL so that you can track your sign-ups;
  • ask your printer about using AQ coating because it will protect the ink from smudging, but – unlike UV coating – will allow your prospects to write on your card with a regular pen, or even a pencil.

If you’re really cash-strapped you can get your cards for almost nothing on line at, but I’d recommend you invest in a nice custom designed card, which will project a more professional image.

If you attend a lot of networking events, where you may leave your cards unattended for anyone to pick up, I’d recommend not using your real email address, but list a Yahoo, or similar account on the cards, so that you can protect yourself from unsolicited email.

Copyright 2007 Boris Mahovac R.G.D.

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Email List-Building: Custom Postcards and Greeting Cards

Email is fine, easy and (almost) free, but nothing beats the deliverability of the good old post office! Send out custom postcards to stand out from the crowd. Again, use tracking to determine how your postcard campaigns are converting by setting up a special URL, e.g. This way you can split test different card designs, headlines, call to action, etc. to see which one pulls better.

For large-scale mailings (5,000 or more cards) use a commercial printer and mail shop to deliver your cards. If your list of prospects is smaller, and you’d like to deliver personalized postcards, greeting cards you could use SendOutCards. It’s an online on-demand postcard printing and delivery system that works very much like sending personalized email, only it prints, personalizes and mails real postcards and greeting cards in any quantity. You can send a dozen custom postcards for about 10 bucks. I use this service myself and I love it.

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Email List-Building: Create an Affiliate Program

add to cart imageSimply put, an affiliate program allows you to grow your list and make more sales at the same time. When other people join your affiliate program, they agree to promote you, your products or services on their own time and using their own resources. In exchange, you offer them a commission on any sales that result from their efforts. Each and every affiliate partner will have their own list of clients they can promote you to.

Affiliate marketing has another side of the coin: You can join other people’s programs and sell their products – but here’s one important step: don’t just settle for a sale, always make sure you get the buyer to your own list as well, so you can continue to market to them!

There are several options for you to set up your own affiliate program. I use and recommend 1ShoppingCart. You are also invited to join my affiliate program and make 10%-50% commission, even on services!

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