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New Domain Name Extensions – Are You a .GURU or a .EXPERT? Consider Yourself .COOL, an Entrepreneur With a .VISON and in the .ZONE?

New Generic Top-Level Domains

Or is your business about .PHOTOGRAPHY? Perhaps you’re a .FLORIST? Do you run a daycare .CENTER? The time is now to add a new Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) name to your business.

For the longest time in internet marketing, we were limited to a dozen or so non-coutry-specific domain names: .com .net .biz .edu .gov .tv .mobi .info and a few others. Recently the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved 131 new domain name extensions!

There are domains now for everyone – if you sell real estate there’s .HOUSE and .RENTALs, for health professionals there are .CLINIC and .CARE, for shutterbugs there are .PHOTOGRAPHY and .CAMERA.

With these new domain extensions you can create more paths to your web site, with a portfolio of keyword-rich domains, which is great for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

  • .academy
  • .actor
  • .agency
  • .bar
  • .bargains
  • .bid
  • .bike
  • .blue
  • .boutique
  • .build
  • .builders
  • .buzz
  • .cab
  • .camera
  • .camp
  • .cards
  • .careers
  • .catering
  • .center
  • .cleaning
  • .clothing
  • .club
  • .codes
  • .coffee
  • .community
  • .company
  • .computer
  • .condos
  • .construction
  • .consulting
  • .contractors
  • .cooking
  • .cool
  • .country
  • .cruises
  • .dating
  • .diamonds
  • .directory
  • .domains
  • .education
  • .email
  • .enterprises
  • .equipment
  • .estate
  • .events
  • .expert
  • .farm
  • .fish
  • .fishing
  • .flights
  • .florist
  • .futbol
  • .gallery
  • .gift
  • .glass
  • .graphics
  • .guitars
  • .guru
  • .holdings
  • .holiday
  • .horse
  • .house
  • .immobilien
  • .industries
  • .ink
  • .institute
  • .international
  • .kaufen
  • .kim
  • .kitchen
  • .kiwi
  • .land
  • .limo
  • .link
  • .london
  • .luxury
  • .maison
  • .management
  • .marketing
  • .menu
  • .moda
  • .nagoya
  • .ninja
  • .partners
  • .parts
  • .photo
  • .photography
  • .photos
  • .pics
  • .plumbing
  • .productions
  • .properties
  • .pub
  • .recipes
  • .red
  • .rentals
  • .repair
  • .report
  • .rest
  • .reviews
  • .rocks
  • .rodeo
  • .services
  • .sexy
  • .shoes
  • .singles
  • .social
  • .solar
  • .solutions
  • .supplies
  • .supply
  • .support
  • .systems
  • .tattoo
  • .technology
  • .tienda
  • .tips
  • .today
  • .tokyo
  • .tools
  • .trade
  • .training
  • .vacations
  • .viajes
  • .vision
  • .voyage
  • .webcam
  • .wiki
  • .works
  • .xyz
  • .zone

New Domain Name Extensions

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.COM and .NET Domains to Increase in Price on July 1, 2010 – Save up to 10% by Renewing Today!

Beaver Web Hosting logoOn July 1, 2010, VeriSign®, the registry for .COM and .NET, will increase prices – .COM will go up 7%, and .NET by 10%.

The increase will be passed to registrars like GoDaddy, Netfirms, and BeaverWebHosting and then, unfortunately, to consumers and business owners like you.

If you wish to avoid this price increase, you can renew your domain names by June 30 and add another year to your current expiration dates. You have the option to register or renew for multiple years and lock in long-term savings.

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Domain Names – Are You the Master of Yours?

Over the last few weeks I’ve met several small business owners who share the same problem: they don’t have full control and access to their business Internet domain names registration.

new domain names

You’re not limited to .COM names anymore, there are hundreds of new extensions available now!

In one case my client is the person who registered his domain names, but when he moved, failed to update his postal and email addresses listed under his account. Because it was a city-to-city move, he also changed Internet service providers, so his old email address expired. Email is the 1st choice for communication for any registration-related issues, so keep that current at all times, perhaps even use a Gmail or Yahoo! account for that.

Another client I’m helping had a different situation: he originally hired someone else to build his web site, and although the web designer registered the domain names in my client’s name, it was done within the designer’s web hosting account, so my client didn’t have full access to his domains.

Here are the 5 tips on dealing with web developers:
  1. Check your developer’s online “rating” by using this independent web site grading tool. You’re looking at a number that’s higher than 80, but above 90 would be better.
  2. Visit and install their FireFox Extension (you’re not using Internet Explorer I hope :-) this tool will give you an idea how much traffic your web developer’s site is getting. Serious web sites have a rating of less than 1,000,000. If a site has an Alexa rating of 1,000,000 this means there are 1 million other web sites that have more traffic, so this is a relative number — and the lower the better.
  3. Finally, check the site for Google Page Rank. You can to that easily by installing the Google Toolbar. PR goes from 0 to 10, the higher the better. Small business sites will typically have a rank of 0-2, so you’re looking for 3 and higher. Just in case you’re wondering, this blog site has PR3.
    N.B. this rating is per page, so be sure you’re checking the PR for the home page, as internal pages will most likely have a lower score.
  4. Next, you can check your web developer on Linkedin. This professional social networking community has high standards for recommendations, so you should check the person’s Linkedin profile. Look for the number of recommendations received, but also the type of recommendations.
  5. Finally, pick a solid domain registrar and hosting company. I like to recommend, which is a GoDaddy reseller, so you get the same world-class products and services, but you can also get personalized advice (for advice, simply call me :-)

Click here to learn what makes a good web site, what additional tools you need to make an online presence an effective marketing tool, please come to one of my monthly seminars. Ask me how you can save 20% on tuition.

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