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Are You “Going Postal” This Holiday Season?

simplify the holidays with SendOutCardsI knew that title will intrigue you, please feel free to comment.

These days we rarely receive anything other than bills and junk mail in our mail boxes, so if you take the time to send a real greeting card to your clients, business partners and suppliers, you will stand out from the crowd.

Actually, it’s more like, you’ll be the only one there, no crowd :-)

I personally use an online service called SendOutCards, which gives me the flexibility of creating a greeting card campaign and then selecting a group of people to receive it. Groups such as: clients, suppliers, friends, family, etc.

SendOutCards prints, addresses, personalizes and sends real postcards, greeting cards, and gifts, etc. through the postal system. This is not an e-card service.

SOC also allows me to enclose a gift with my greeting card, such as Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift cards, books, cookies, etc.

I also had them digitize my own handwriting and signatures into a font, so my cards look like they were handwritten. How cool is that!

The system is getting better and better. Now they also offer printing of calendars, posters, even business cards.

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Do You Use Postcards to Generate Leads and Repeat Business?

Use Postcards to Generate BusinessAlthough email marketing is still the most effective way to promote your business, there are other ways of generating leads or getting more business from existing clients. I’ve been using custom postcards for over 10 years with great results!

What if you could combine the strengths of an online, automated system, which works very much like an Email Publishing System with the

  • deliverability of snail mail, and
  • benefits of sending your prospects and customers a tangible item?

Would you be interested in trying this almost perfect business-generating system?

More than ten years ago I started using Send Out Cards, an online on-demand printing and delivery system that works very much like sending personalized email, only it prints,personalizes and mails real postcards and greeting cards in any quantity. Want to add a Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card? No problem! Cookies? Candy? Yes, and yes, it’s so easy.

You can use this system to send automated, but personalized postcards and greeting cards. Thousands of great stock designs are available, but best of all, you can easily create your own designs as simply as uploading digital photos, logos, and adding a voice bubble, clip art or a caption.

Using Send Out Cards is a great way to get repeat business from existing clients. Additionally, you can use this system is to split-test different cards on a smaller sample, to see which one to use in bulk, if you’re planning to ultimately send a large-scale direct mail campaign (1,000 or more cards).

On top of it all, if you’re looking for a source of additional income, SendOutCards offers a very lucrative business opportunity as well. Contact me if you’re interested in testing it out – I can set you up with a gift account so you can try the system and send yourself a few cards on me, or simply follow this link to send a test card now, for free!

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