Why Business Blogging is the Best Tool for Generating Leads

A few years ago I redesigned my email marketing consulting web site into a blog. Very soon after the rebuild, I started noticing:

  1. more traffic to my site
  2. the visitors were more interested in what I do
  3. higher Google page ranking

If you type in the words “email marketing consultant” into Google, my blog comes up on page one of search results, and it’s been coming up on page one since November of 2008, when I first tested it.

Today, as soon as I publish on this blog or any of my other blogs, I can be sure that Google will index my new page within half an hour. This kind of response from search engines cannot be expected with a regular, “static” or brochure-type web site.

If you’d like to learn more, please consider joining me for a 3-hour seminar on business blogging, social media and email marketing I am hosting on April 29, in Oakville, at the e-Spot.

See and hear what one of my happy clients said about the last session (or play on YouTube):