Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: Using Custom Licence Plates + Internet Marketing

custom plates and domainsThis is a low-cost, low-key but high-impact vehicle advertising option, even for people who are averse to having marketing messages splashed all over their vehicles.

Total cost is about $300 ($251.65 for Ontario plates + about $10 for internet domain name + about $50 for custom vinyl lettering). The best part is, this mini ad will work 24/7 for many years, and the more you drive your vehicle the harder it will work for you.

This guerrilla marketing tactic consists of 3 components:

  1. Register a custom license plate that somehow relates to your business. In this example, MOTORGAL is an Ontario license plate owned by a car salesperson. This guerrilla marketing tactic works best if your whole company name can fit on an 8-character maximum allowed in Ontario (other jurisdictions may have different limitations), for example, if your business name is Miralco or Impeco, you should be fine.
  2. Only register your custom license plate if you can also register a matching .COM or other domain name. In case your business name is longer than 8 characters, for example Daniel Durst State Farm Insurance, you could use DDINSURE and register a .CA (Canadian) domain name. Once you pick a domain name, if it’s not your main domain, set up your new domain to simply forward to your main web site, so in this example Daniel would set up to forward to his web site.
  3. If you were able to register a custom plate and found a matching domain name, the final touch is to add the letters WWW. to the left of your custom car plate and then .COM to the right (if the .COM is taken, you can try a .CA or .BIZ, but ideally you should try to find an available .COM). Simply ask any local signage company to cut these letters for you from reflective vinyl. If your vehicle colour is dark (e.g. red, blue, green, etc.) use white vinyl, if your car’s colour is white or light-coloured, use dark blue (for Ontario plates) or simply match the colour of the letters on your licence plate.

Feel free to use this PDF file to cut letters for an Ontario plate. If your own plates use a different font, or size, please forward a template to me and I will add the file to this blog post, or provide a link to a file in the comment section below.

More Guerrilla Marketing ideas.

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Do You Want to Be Top 1% on LinkedIn? I Can Help You Get There!

top 1 percent on LinkedinLinkedin, the social networking site for business owners and job seekers, recently celebrated a milestone: 200 million users world-wide.

Today I received this email from Linkedin announcing that my profile is in the top 1% most viewed in 2012.

I have been using Linkedin for business for several years, and have found a simple-to-follow formula that I teach to my one-on-one mentoring clients, and also to students who attend my live workshops.

One of the ways to succeed in generating new businesses using Linkedin is to create a winning profile page.

First, start by adding your current position(s). If you’re self-employed don’t use the title of CEO or President, but use a more descriptive phrase, such as “Social Media Marketing Consultant at iBizAcademy.” If your business is incorporated, and you are the president, then describe what you do, for example “President, in charge of Membership and Franchising.”

If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely have several businesses, so list them all as your current positions.

One word of advice: when you’re describing a position use relevant keywords you want to be found for. Do some keyword research using this free tool from Google. Once you receive a number of recommendations don’t change the description of a position. This is because you will have to approach all your contacts to re-confirm their recommendation.

Once you have your current positions listed approach all your most recent clients and ask them for a recommendation.

I can teach you, too, on how to use this social media outlet from lead generation to closing more deals.

  1. If you’re on a limited budget, you can start with my self-study audio CD and mp3, Linkedin: Social Networking for Professionals.
  2. Next step would be to attend one of my Linkedin to the Max! workshops.
  3. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange for one-on-one training sessions with me.

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Multiply Your Income (free seminar)

At Home Business Opportunities

multiply your income seminarLife is full of surprises.

Would you be financially OK if disaster struck and you weren’t able to work?

Ever since this happened to me and my kids when my wife got sick with cancer and perished in 3 short months, I realized I have to share my story and teach my clients the importance of disaster-proofing their income.

I am using the word “income” instead of “business” on purpose, because these two shouldn’t be synonyms.

For most solo professionals and small business owners, their business or profession is typically the only source of income.

This is not recommended!

Passive Income Ideas

That’s why I’d like to show you how to create not just one, but several independent income streams using legitimate work from home opportunities.

There are many money making ideas, but I am particularly fond of affiliate programs and work-at-home business opportunities.

Every Monday evening, 7pm for the next 3 months I will be presenting one proven opportunity to you.

I am happy to announce that the self-made billionaire Edward Mercer will be sharing his insights and tips! You don’t want to miss his training!

This seminar series is FREE to attend.

Please join me and tell your friends.


Monte Carlo Inn, 374 South Service Rd, Oakville, just East of Trafalgar Rd.

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Are You Spying on Your Email Subscribers?

no spamDoes your Email service Provider (ESP) provide you with reports on your email campaigns? Do you track your email opens? Can you see who and when opened your emails, clicked on which links, unsubscribed from your list, reported it as spam, etc?

If you answered yes, don’t you, at least sometimes, feel like you’re spying on your audience?

I’ve been on line for many years and I have yet to come across a privacy policy which says: “After you give us your name, email and permission to contact you, we will also be able to see when you open your email, at what time of day, how many links you clicked, etc. If you agree, please click here.”

If you saw a privacy policy like that, would you sign up? I didn’t think so.

Being CAN-SPAM compliant is one thing, but shouldn’t we go beyond compliance? We should make sure that we respect our subscribers’ privacy as much as possible. At the very least, try not to take advantage of the data you can gather from your ESP reports.

Here’s one possible abuse scenario: an email marketer sends out his/her campaign and closely monitors open rates. S/he then decides to call subscriber Mr. X because he opened his email, who is obviously at his work (you can make an assumption like that if the email address is

S/he proceeds to say: “Hey M. X, I just noticed you opened my email, clicked on a link and I thought I could offer some additional information about my products.

Bad idea, I hope you’ll agree.

Tracking is not all bad, actually it helps both our subscribers and us as email newsletter publishers. The data I’m talking about is “bounces,” or undeliverable emails. This gives us a list of email addresses to which our ESP has not been able to deliver emails. They may be obsolete email addresses, as when people move from one ISP to another, or, if they’re using company email, they have changed jobs. In case you’re not using double opt in, you subscribers might have entered a bad email either by accident or on purpose – just one more reason to use double opt in.

Mind you, not all ESPs are created equal; of the ones I have first-hand experience with, I like the detail reporting available from GetResponse, Aweber, and MadMimi.

Respect your subscriber’s privacy by going above the requirements of the law. There are other ways to keep track of your list, buy monitoring unsubscribes, for example.

Keep sending your e-newsletter out, it’s still one of the best way to reach out to your audience, with a very high return on investment.

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Book Review: List Building for Bloggers by Phil Hollows, CEO of FeedBlitz

List Building for BloggersSubtitled Proven Email Strategies that Build your Audience, Increase Engagement and Grow your Income, this book is a must for every business blog owner.

The author is Phil Hollows, the Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz, the email and social media marketing automation service.

Hollows contends and I agree: Your email subscribers are your greatest fans. Unfortunately, for most blogs, they are also the most under-utilized business asset. With the tips and strategies on e-mail list building found in this book you will increase your blog’s page views, increase engagement and ultimately increase revenues generated by your blog.

Here are some highlights from the book:

  • Ten Power Tips to turn your blog into a rocking-socking, butt-kicking, inbox-busting, fully automated email marketing and subscriber retention system.
  • Three case studies so you can avoid the mistakes even the Big Guys make.
  • Easily actionable tips to grow both list quality and quantity.
  • Chapters on auto-responders so you can market while you sleep, custom fields for personalization, and how to avoid spam traps.
  • All in easy to understand plain English!

This isn’t just another 20-page e-book. Phil Hollows has condensed years of his own experience as a business blogger and email marketer into 24 chapters, over 160 pages of easy-to-understand plain English, so anyone can take advantage of these tips easily and quickly.

You can get the book directly from the author as an immediate download here.

And let’s end this with a quote by Seth Godin: Phil Hollows is a mensch, and a generous one. In this book, he’s sharing a ton. Stuff he learned the hard way. Ignore it at your peril.

This article describes the benefit of buying this book. I only recommend products and services I’ve used or tested myself. If you purchase this book via my link I will be compensated by the author.

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