Add Social Media Networking to Your Blog – Learn How at My Seminar

If you have an online presence, most likely a brochure web site, you’re very likely thinking it’s not really bringing you any new business. In most cases it’s “I built it, but they never came.”

Some years ago I was in a similar situation, but I discovered blogs. When I realised how powerful they are in

  1. generating more traffic to my site
  2. pre-qualifying the visitors
  3. giving me points in Google

I just had to re-build my web site using blogging technology.

But then I discovered social media: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and found a way to connect those external sites to my own blog. Now every time I post on my blog, my Linkedin and Facebook pages are updated, and an automatic “tweet” is sent to my Twitter account.

registerIf you’d like to learn more, please consider joining me for a 3-hour seminar on business blogging, social media and email marketing I am hosting on April 29, in Oakville, at the e-Spot.

Eric Laffoley, a small business owner based in Burlington, is one of my happy clients said about the last session (or play on YouTube):